Join with other authors and learn how to write your first or next book quickly!
(Using the same process we've used to publish 28 books and counting!)
It all begins August 29th and ends with a group launch in March 2020.
Registration ends August 15th at 9pm EST!
Dear Entrepreneur, Creative & Planet Shaker,

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Zarinah, a Detroit based anthropologist and cultural producer and I must say my friend, you're making a smart decision! 

There's a reason all of the biggest names in the game create books is because since clay tablets, a book is one of the most cultural powerful tools we have as human beings. 

From the Obamas to the Oprahs to the Tony Robbins and internet marketers of the world, movers and shakers invest the time into writing a book because they know:

Your book has the power to build your business.
Your book has the power to build your authority.
Your book has the power to cement your place in the world.
Your book has the power to be a source of good for humanity!
Your book has the power to bring your revenue!

Our job here within the Power Author Academy is to teach you and support you so that you can tap into that power for yourself. 

I believe if it's on your heart to do so, NOW is the time to get your message out into the world.

Ok, so before I share with you MY GOAL for our Power Author Academy for YOU... let me ask you a few questions...
Check off what sounds like you!
Have you been thinking about writing a book for a while but keep getting stuck?
Do you have a company that's been successful, but you're ready for a quantum leap?
Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?
Do you want to increase your conversion rate on your high-ticket programs? 
Are you looking to establish yourself in a new field and don't yet have any credibility? 
Do people tell you you should write a book and you know they are right, but you're not sure where or how to start?
Do you feel like this message has been on your heart for some Divine reason?
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, 

 Let's Change Your Business, Your Life & Our Society...Forever! 

is your opportunity to join a supportive high-level container of entrepreneurs, creatives and planet shakers who are ready to share their message on a broader level. 

It is based on ACTION not theory so that you can....


Is it time for YOU to be seen as THE expert in your industry? Do you want to position yourself as THE GO TO person in your industry?  If your competitors are pulling in all of your clients because your clients don't know you, now is the time to make your mark!


Wouldn't it be amazing if your family and community had a piece of you that remained with them for generations to come? Preserve your legacy with your written word.


What do you know that could make the world a better place?  We know for a fact that every message we read, see or hear has the ability to affect the way we think.  You owe it to God and the community to produce messages that contribute to a positive advancement of the community.


Do you think you may write another book one day? Once you learn the self-publishing system, you'll be able to create as many books as you like.


Whether you desire to create workshops, speeches, articles, or courses, your book is the platform and the BEST foundation you can have. Authors are able to command higher fees for everything from speaking to coaching to services. 


Do you want to do TV, radio, podcast or blog interviews?  Think about the last time you read a profile article or saw a talk show, the majority of the guests are introduced as “the author of the book ______.”   That's going to be you!


When you write your book, you'll have content for all of your blogs, social media posts, podcasts, articles,'s all done!

Are you ready to Claim it for yourself?
writing a good book literally changed my life
...and it can do the same for you!

Alright. So growing up I heard, "Go to school, get good grades and get a job with benefits..then you'll be happy!"  Did you hear that too? Well I followed the script. It works for many people and I have a lot of friends in careers they love. 
I just wasn't one of them.

It's 2001. I just graduated from Howard University in Computer Science and unlike all of my peers moving into high paying jobs at Fortune 500 companies, I'd decided to turn down my job offers and move to Egypt to teach English. 
Talk about a big money move...NOT! lol

Everyone thought I was crazy. But have you ever had a pull on your heart that was so strong that it didn't matter what ANYONE had to say? 

Moving to Egypt was like that for me.  I was on my own, in a country where I didn't speak the language and had NO friends.  Yet, I was at PEACE. 

That year sparked in me a love of the world. A love of cultural evolution. A love of seeing and helping people on a global scale. 


After a year in Egypt, the joy wore off and it was time for me to go.  From Egypt I went to work in Sierra Leone as the Africa Program Coordinator for a development organization. Man I have stories for days from there  - I promise to  tell you one day - but for now, just know that these experiences were planting seeds in ways I could have never imagined.

Sierra Leone opened my heart to development and to philanthropy. Two key parts of the way I do life. 

From Anthropology to Publishing
If you were wondering what Egypt and Sierra Leone had to do with you publishing your book, hold on. It's all going to make sense. It took me a few years to understand the path God was laying out for me, but when I look back at it now I see how God is the MASTER Planner! 

After Africa, I decided to be "normal." I got married, moved back home and made a new life. My then-husband was doing his PhD in Psychology and since traveling away from my husband didn't fit the wifey role I set for myself, I stopped traveling. But I decided to bring the world to me and go back to school for Anthropology.

And it was anthropology that lead me to publishing.

In anthropology, I began studying how culture is transmitted. How people come to believe what they believe, trust what they trust, and do what they do. I was fascinated!

I began to think about how I could affect change on a societal level.  I started thinking about how the people I knew who had powerful ideas and messages could get them out and really help humanity. You ever just sit and really think about how your life can help others? That's when I really begin to think about that at a deeper level.


My Masters required I conduct my own in-depth study. I chose to do a year long exploration into marriage and singlehood in the Muslim American Community. After 72 hours of interviewing and countless hours of research, my study was complete. Everything went into my thesis paper and I graduated. Yippee!

Now, if you are familiar with academia you know that for most people it stops there. After academia, you go get a job and your precious hard work sits in the university library collecting dust.

Well fate would have my story be different. THERE WAS DEMAND FOR MY RESEARCH!  I started getting emails and phone calls asking me to share what I learned. After a while, answering one by one got overwhelming and I knew I had to find another way.


Truth is, nobody wanted to read my "thesis" because a thesis isn't sexy. I needed a real book.  
But outside of my professors, I didn’t have any authors or publishers in my network. 

I started looking at pitching publishers and quickly realized that wasn't going to be the path for me. I wasn't interested somebody else telling me when I could get this book out. I needed it out NOW. So what did I do? I bought and read every book I could on publishing. I hit up Google University and Youtube Academy and spent months scouring publishing and writing blogs. I joined publishers’ associations and took self-publishing courses.
Now in the tenured professor world, self-publishing isn't always looked upon favorably. I found this out in a fluke email where one of my professors made a mistake and cc'd me on an email where they stated they didn't think my self-published book was a good idea and that it wasn't going to be quality enough.

Well, thank you haters because in the end, not only was I able to self-publish my book, Jihad of the Soul: Singlehood and the Search for Love in Muslim America, but my book even went on to becoming a university text book in comparative Religion and anthropology courses at the SAME UNIVERSITY!

Word grew organically and I started getting calls to speak at conferences and events. I started being seen as a "go-to" figure in the community and I went from a no-body to a somebody!
Now earlier in the header of this page I mentioned that this Power Author Academy is all about writing a POWER BOOK.

Well, the natural question is what exactly is a power book?

Let me explain. If you're new to me, you should know that I'm a cultural anthropologist. Therefore, I look at things from a human perspective. While I'm an entrepreneur, making money is not my ONLY reason for the things I do.

1) I'm concerned about our society. 
2) I'm concerned about my legacy and the way I show up in the world.
and yes,
3) I'm also concerned about my pockets!

Below is my story. It's kinda long but people tell me it really gives you a better idea of where I'm coming from and what we do in Power Author so I'm going to share it here with you. 

Hang in there, ok :)
I made it too hard...
I had success! But boy oh boy was it hard!  
My piece-meal approach to publishing caused me to waste a lot of time, and a lot of money. I was completely overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out on my own. I would read one article and implement that strategy, and then read another and follow that. It was a crazy and time-consuming process.

After that I said no more! With 3 babies in my life, I couldn’t afford to waste time. For my next book and publishing projects, I sat out to streamline the process.

After this long-winded journey, I finally figured out the essential steps any author can follow to quickly write and self-publish their book successfully.

I’ve now distilled my 8 years of publishing experience down to a simple, easy to follow system so that you can publish your book in a matter of months, not years.
THE POWER AUTHOR ACADEMY is your secret weapon to save time and money with your book.
Now that you know what your power book can do for you, let's talk about how we do what we do. 

This is not a self-paced video course where you sit at your computer alone wishing you had invested in a real coach. This is a high touch program for only 100 people where you'll be rolling up your sleeves and talking everything from strategy, to titles, to positioning and beyond. 
Ready to learn how we work with you?
sneak peek inside your 6 month academy...
It's 2AM and we're working on your outline this week but life has been crazy.  You missed us live so what do you do? You log into our Power Author portal, scroll to OUTLINING YOUR BOOK and learn EXACTLY what to do without floating along stuck.
You will have 26 weekly coaching sessions with Zarinah and her team. Yes, you get me for 26 hours focused on you and your questions! No more guessing or trying to google what to do, we hold your hand throughout the entire process!
If you are like me, you find value in having somebody to talk to who "gets it." 
Our group is filled with AMAZING folks from all around. Find an accountability partner and get support as you go along.  We also have a dynamic FB group for questions 24-7.  The best part of this is you have a built in launch team!!
We aren't just going to TEACH you how to design and edit, our team will manage the proofreading and design of your project in-house! All you need to worry about is the writing of your draft. 
 One Year Access to the course: Authorpreneur Trainings ($1997 Value)
 26 Weekly Live Trainings with Q&A ($2600 Value)
 Accountability Partners & Launch Support ($4000 Value)
 45-Day Accelerated Writing Plan ($97 Value)
MS Word Interior Templates ($97 Value)
Book Power Income Generator / Spin Offs ($297 Value)
Book Power Marketing to Launch Masterclass ($297 Value)
Bonus Book Launch Organization Tool ($47 Value)
Support (Invaluable)
Bonus: Your Media Kit ($27 Value)
Bonus: The Launching Plan (Free + Shipping Book Funnel Template ($97 Value)
 PLUS - Bonus for first 25 Authors Only LAUNCH EARLY VIP PRIVATE TRAINING
$23,378 VALUE
I Know You Probably Have Questions:
How do I pick the right topic for client attraction?
How do I organize my thoughts?
How do I protect my work?
How do I reuse this later?
How do I find an editor?
How do I get a quality cover design
How do I launch to bestseller?
I know. 

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.
I’m going to be honest. Publishing any ole book isn’t rocket science. It’s not even as hard as that physics course I struggled with in college. But if you want to publish the RIGHT book, you have to come at it strategically. 

The details are tedious and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up wasting time and money, or worse, just getting overwhelmed and not finishing your book at all.
That’s what this academy is all about.
We hold your hand through it all.  Plus you get to build your network with the other entrepreneurs, creatives and planet shakers who are doing it right along side you!

No More Guessing.
No More Confusion.
No More Wasting Time.
It’s no secret that most entrepreneurs, creatives and planet shakers WANT to write a book. In fact, 81% of the world wants to write a book. Sadly, most end up never doing it. 
That’s because the old way of writing books, alone locked away in an office by yourself, waiting on divine inspiration and hoping for clarity doesn't work! 
The truth is that self-publishing and the technological advances in printing have made it easier than ever to get a book bound and printed.  That's a good thing. What's not so good is that people have taken that ease to mean it's ok to put out a mediocre product and think that because it's a "book" it will be good.
 To succeed in this game, you have got to have content that is relevant, well organized and speaks to the needs of your reader. 

Am I right?
Your readers want to know that you get them! That you have their best interests at heart. And when you learn how to do that, they will love you for life!  
So if you're in business,
What if you could warm upwards of 90% of your leads with a quality book that
THEY Pay For?
Go from book idea to BOOKING CLIENTS
Don't lose another moment. 
Every day you put off getting your book done is another day your competition is reaching YOUR audience!
That's the beauty of the power author academy
**NOTE: This is not a group course with just a bunch of videos and little support. This is a full 6 month mastermind like experience where the entire group is writing and launching their book together!
 (Value $4997)
Create a spiritual foundation for your publishing
Author vs Authorpreneur 
 How to pick a winning topic
Devise a book schedule and budget
Define the best reader/audience for your longevity
 How to match your bigger goals to your book structure
Learn how to handle criticism of your work
Planning your what's next money maker
Learn How to Write your Book Draft Quickly
How to work with a ghostwriter
Learn how to use technology effectively
Tips to eliminate writer’s block and other challenges
Learn to organize your content for maximum reusability
Learn how to set a writing structure to avoid writers block and stay on target
Effective self-editing methods
How to find an editor
Learn how to find beta-readers
Proofreading and the various types of editing
What to do if you are on a budget and can’t afford an editor
Selecting the proper paper, trim size, feel
Cover Design
Interior Design
POD printers, Kindle and others
How to set your book up for success in Amazon
Selling in International Markets
Offset printers
Wholesalers and distributors
Special books
Build a solid launch team
 How to get authority building testimonials
 How to build momentum from the beginning
How to get Amazon Reviews
Define the best reader/audience for your longevity
 How to match your bigger goals to your book structure
Learn how to handle criticism of your work
Planning your what's next money maker
After seeing the power of books, we've added a full plan to help you launch to six-figures and beyond.  Do you have a business you want to promote?  Written correctly, you can propel your business by generating and qualifying your leads.
Plus remember, this is bigger than your first book, BOOK POWER is an entire system you can re-use for as many books as you like! It’s a business in a box to support your writing dreams and desired lifestyle for as long as you want.
YOUR cohort RUNS
Don’t miss the deadline. 
Register today and get early access to the pre-work. 
The book Tour Plan
Do you want to do a book tour to kick off momentum for your book? Learn how to organize your book tour for maximum exposure. 
Plus Learn how Zarinah get's booked at libraries 
Imagine your great-great grandkids getting to hold a book you wrote. Or just someone stumbling across your words long after you're gone from this earth. There’s nothing more powerful than knowing your words are preserved for the ages. Plus, we'll show you exactly how to get your book accepted by the Library of Congress. 
The Media Plan
Do you want to do a book tour to kick off momentum for your book? Learn how to organize your book tour for maximum exposure. 
Plus Learn how Zarinah gets booked at libraries 
Registration ends Aug 25, 9pm EST!
Don’t miss the deadline. 
Register today and get started on your book now. 
Over the six months,
you'll also get access to These BONUS Trainings:
BT #1 - 'Dissertation To Book' (Worth $497)
Learn how to QUICKLY convert your dissertation or thesis over to a readable, useful book for the public.
BT #2 - 'Profit & Expense Calculator'(Worth $97)
Simply plug in your numbers and expenses to create and manage your budget and profit goals
Learn how to build an effective author website
Learn how to leverage social media without wasting your time.
Learn how to quickly get your first 1000 copies sold.
Learn how to get reviews and testimonials that boost your sales
Learn how to get your book to be an Amazon BestSeller on your launch date
  BT #4 - 'Book Power Income Generator'
(Worth $297)
Learn how to launch a new career from your book
How to create a signature talk from your book
Learn the technology available for teaching workshops and teleseminars
How to set-up Group Programs
How to structure your book before you write it for better long-term use
  BT #5 - 'Magnetic Title'
(Worth $47)
List of formulas from top copywriters and marketers on words, phrases and formula’s that attract readers.
  BT #6 - '45-Day Accelerated Writing Plan'
(Worth $97)
OVER $1200 in FREE Trainings that will help you make $$ fast with your book!
Most people know that I’m African-American, Black, Woman & Muslim – quite a combo in terms of politics and social justice right now, huh?  In nearly all parts of my identity, I have people who try to demean or diminish my existence.

We know the power of biased media. Many people are getting their information from negatively biased sources and WE ( good-souled folks) must provide a counter-narrative.

This is about understanding the power of the written word and the power of cultural production and using your knowledge, your expertise, your wisdom, your BOOK, one of the most powerful tools to affect thinking known to man, as a tool for positive change.
My father was the first person I helped. We created his book from a collection of old writings scattered in various floppy drives. He now has something to pass down to his children and share with the community. He also used it at conferences and programs to share his message. Take away: you don’t have to start from scratch!
 Muslim in Transit
Brother Qamruzzaman sat on his project for over 15 years.  Through walking through our publishing system he published a memoir, Muslim in Transit and has built an intimate following on Facebook allowing him to spread his message!
Dr. Osborn lives in a very rural area of Tanzania, but that didn’t stop her from writing the story of her retirement from corporate America and moving across the world to Africa. No matter where you are in the world, or what your experience is with writing, you too can produce a book that makes an impact. 
How long do you plan on having
Your Business?
3 years? 
5 years?
10 years?
What if your book brought you just 2 clients a year, how much would that be worth for you? 
What if your book brought you 5 new speaking gigs?
or 4 media appearances?

Your book is a smart investment because you get to reap the benefits over and over and over.

Case Study
Finish in 6 months, not 6 years :)
“(I'm retired, but) I had been working on my memoir for about six years, off and on until I took Zarinah El Amin’s workshop on self-publishing using the Niyah Self-Publishing System (Now called Book Power). She made me realize I could publish my book with relative ease and without a traditional publisher. And she was right! Eye of the Heart was released in kindle, kobo and paperback on January 5, 2017 and can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Zarinah’s workshop sessions were motivating and packed with information. She included several guest speakers with experience in writing and publishing. When I got to the all-important editing stage she had several editors lined up for me to choose from. It was also wonderful to work with the Niyah Authors’ Group through our private Facebook page. I enjoyed the experience of partnering with a fellow writer to read each other’s drafts and offer constructive advice. But I feel I got the most benefit out of working with Zarinah through one on one phone sessions (we used google chat and Skype). She is a really good listener who has the ability to get behind the words and hear a potential author’s hopes, dreams and fears. Through her questions and comments she was able to help me realize which parts of my book needed to be cut and which sections were more interesting to potential readers. She helped me identify and connect with my audience.
Zarinah is an excellent writing coach but she also knows the business end of publishing backwards and forwards. I would not have been successful at self-publishing this first time around without her guidance and direction. All in all, working with Zarinah El Amin Naeem was a very positive experience!”
Sommieh Stephanie Flower
 (Author of Eye of the Heart)
tomorrow is not promised
Sorry to be morbid, but tomorrow is not promised to any of us. If you read any of my book, Book Power, you know why I feel so strongly about this. 
The stars will never align perfectly and magically clear your schedule and give you all the “free” time you need. You’ve got to say I WANT THIS and commit.
It all starts when you make the decision! You can either get some support, or risk being in this exact same place next year - wishing you had written your book while others who join are finishing up.
Don’t miss the deadline. Register today and get started on your book now. 
Here's What Others Say:
…Zarinah’s mentoring program was wonderful! It was enlightening and indeed very thorough. I felt as though Zarinah was able to present all the information effectively as well as in an expeditious manner. I can honestly say I left the program feeling comfortable and with the tools to move forward with writing/completing my books as well as having them published. –


“Wow, what can I say! Zarinah’s Self Publishing Program has been one of self-discovery and growth. Allowing me to connect with the author and business woman within me. Her level of patience and kindness coupled with the ability to be firm and hold one accountable to do what is required to be successful as an author made the program more valuable than what I was required to pay!”


“I sat on my book project for over 10 years. When I hired Zarinah to publish my book, I honestly wasn’t sure it would work. I had all these scrambled writings but no cohesive draft. STILL in just six months, I was holding THE SPIRITUAL ADAM: Your Guide to Power and Serenity in my hands. If it hadn’t been for her, my book would probably still be sitting in my computer.”


Each academy is limited to only 100 authors.  Don’t procrastinate and talk yourself out of getting the help you deserve. You want to write a book?  Let's make it happen!
For the first 25 authors who join the Power Author Academy, I'm going to gift to you a special VIP 1/2 bonus training on planning for long-term success.
This is ONLY for the first 25 authors who join Book Power.
Here we'll look at how building a solid book can be an asset for the life of your business. I'll be doing some love seats and you’ll be able to get one-on-one help to answer any of your questions and create your personalized action plan. 

A VIP 1/2 day with us is $3,000 alone so this is an amazing value for you! Add this to BOOK POWER and you’ll be on your way to holding your book even faster!
Lifetime Access to Online System ($4997)
Live Trainings with Q&A ($399)
45-Day Accelerated Writing Plan ($97)
Book Power Marketing to Launch ($297)
Book Power Income Generator / Spin Offs ($297)
Bonus Spin-Off Magnet ($47)
Bonus Hot Marketing Titles ($47)
Bonus Profit and Expenses Calculator ($97)
Support (Invaluable)
PLUS – First 5 only – 60 min private coaching call! ($197
$33,000 Value
Frequently Asked Questions
can I have a new business?
You can use this model whether you have an established business OR looking to start a new business. 
No.  Even if you are starting from scratch, you can make this happen.  If you already have a draft, you’ll be that much further ahead.
This system is geared towards entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches and planet shakers who are writing non-fiction books to generate business, legacy and impact. While this publishing system works for any book, fiction authors should know the training does not cover writing techniques such as character development, plot and conflict, etc. 
ME!  Just kidding. But seriously, my team and I are here to support you throughout this program. This is not for you if you want to just coast along. You need to be ACTION orientated and at the end you will have YOUR FINISHED BOOK!
We're having a big in-person launch in March and I want to celebrate YOU there!
So the biggest thing you receive is our love and support!
Our live classes will run in August and you’ll receive immediate access to the beginning modules of our trainings which means if you are a go-getter, you can get started TODAY! Why waste time?
NO. Think about some of the many celebrities that have produced a book. Do you think they did it on their own?  One word: EDITORS! We’ll show you exactly how to polish your book and make it shine.
Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day.  

We’ll be moving fast because I’ve found that this process takes as long as you let it. Want to publish a book in 25 years, you can. Want to publish in 25 days, you can. It’s up to you.
But with the course, everything is recorded. If you miss one of our live sessions, you’ll be able to watch it in your own time. Plus you have the training materials on video which you can access anytime, 24-7.

I have 3 children, a non-profit and 2 businesses.  If I can write and publish a book quickly, anyone can.  It’s more about your attitude and desire than anything. Part of being in this guided program is to walk you through the system so you don’t waste any of your precious time!
After enrolling, you have access to this course for an entire year. You can also download the materials to your own computer so you can keep them offline. With this program, you are learning a SYSTEM that you can re-use as many times as you like.
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