How to write a good book 
and share your message with the world
(even if you have no clue what you're doing!)
It's time. 
As-salaamu-alaykum! (Peace be unto you) 
My name is Zarinah El-Amin. I'm an award-winning cultural anthropologist, TEDx speaker, transformative travel expert, and author doula of 30 books and counting.

For over 15 years, I've helped entrepreneurs, speakers, universities, art & cultural institutions produce books and programming that uplift, inspire, motivate, educate the masses. 

My goal as a cultural anthropologist is to help people connect to themselves, and the world, in deeply meaningful ways. 

My prayer for you is that you find the courage within and the practice tools to help you get your ideas out of your head, down onto paper and out their into the world!

Zarinah El-Amin
This is the exact formula you need to Write a Book that Builds your business, Impact & Legacy. 
5 Star Amazon Reviews
My method is simple. 
5 easy steps to go from just idea to published author


A Cultural History of Books


How to Prepare & Design a Winning Book

Chapter 2

How to Write Your Book Quickly & Well


How to Edit & Polish Your Manuscript


How to Publish & Get Your Book Online


How to Distribute & Share it With The World

The Bankable Book
6 Ways To Make Your First $10K From Your Book!

Some of our Dynamic, Successful Clients Sharing THEIR messages with the world...
Atty. Zarinah Nadir used the Book Power Method to write her first book, Legally Savvy. She went on to become a bestseller and is still getting clients and speaking engagements from her book.
Iola Corbett used the Book Power Method to write her memoir and leave a legacy for her family and community. She's now frequently called on to speak at community events. 
Carmen René used the Book Power Method to create a powerful lead magnet for her businesses. 
Business. Legacy. Impact
Use your book for good!

I often get asked WHY BOOKS?

It's because even in the age of Tik Tok and YouTube, books are one of the most powerful cultural tools we have to preserve knowledge and change the way people think.

There is a reason the most powerful people in the world like Michelle Obama STILL publish books. 

There is a reason the most powerful companies in the world like Amazon focus their bottom line on books.


My job is to help YOUR write your own book that helps you share your message with the world. 

This book is exactly what I wish I had when I started so I'm really really pleased to be able to share it with you. 

Grab your copy of The Book Power Method and increase YOUR platform!
Do You Want to Grow Your Business Like Keveney?
  • ​Use Your Book To Attract Clients & Customers Without Spending Ad Money  
  • ​Use Your Book To Mark You as an EXPERT in your field.   
  • ​Use Your Book as a hook to get booked on podcasts, radio & TV.
Do You Want to Leave A Legacy Like Muhammad? 
  • Pass down your story to your family and community in your own words
  • ​Share what know your message can help others? 
  • Share your God-Given skills and knowledge to help others?​
Do Your Want To Make An Impact Like Sommieh?
  • ​Use your book to build a loyal tribe of fans and followers.
  • Use your message to help make the world a better place.
  • ​Use your book to become an influencer and a culture-maker.
My story.
how becoming an author changed my life.
My first book was by accident, but the outcomes were fantastic. I went from a regular graduate student to an international presenter and business owner, all because I learned how to share my messages with the world and also leverage them in ways that feed my soul and pockets.
Being an Author CAn Change Your Life Too,
Seriously... don't try to write without one!

Too many amazing people fail at writing a book because they don't know what to do! They try and try alone then end up giving up because it's hard. 

Funny thing is that they THINK it's going to be easy.

I don't want you to be one of those people stuck with their book inside forever. You have a message and it needs to come out! 

Why do it the hard way when you can save time and energy with a proven system to follow?

How to make money from your book BEFORE it's published.
The $37K PRE-Launch
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In this special training, I go behind the scenes and show you how I pre-launched my book and brought in $37,000 of client work BEFORE the book even came out. It's a myth that you have to have a million followers to make money with your book, you just need to know how to leverage properly. 

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Bonus #2!
Your Bestseller Title
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Get a formula for coming up with a bestselling title. Your title hooks your reader, so don't jack it up!
Bonus #3!
The Memoir Template
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A step-by-step easy to follow template to help you map out the story of your life.
Listen, truth is that none of us are promised tomorrow.
Please take advange of what God gave you and Write Your Book TODAY, 
While You Still Can!
More of what People say about Zarinah:
Listen, I know you don't know me yet, but I've got a good track record. 
"You think about when am I going to do it? How am I going to do it? What is it going to take to do it? All of that worry, anxiety, doubt, frustration, hesitation, procrastination goes out when you have a team like Zarinah El-Amin. I encourage everybody to take advantage of her services."
Imam Faheem Shuaibe
Director Clara Mohammed School, Oakland, CA
"I took inspired action! I wasn't really sure about my ideal client, but I am totally amazed by the clarity of my direction about my book launch after my experience with Zarinah."
Heather D. Horton
Grief Recovery Coach
"…Zarinah’s mentoring program was wonderful! It was enlightening and indeed very thorough. I felt as though Zarinah was able to present all the information effectively as well as in an expeditious manner. I can honestly say I left the program feeling comfortable and with the tools to move forward with writing/completing my books as well as having them published."
Zahara Smith
“Wow, what can I say! Zarinah’s Self Publishing Program has been one of self-discovery and growth. Allowing me to connect with the author and business woman within me. Her level of patience and kindness coupled with the ability to be firm and hold one accountable to do what is required to be successful as an author made the program more valuable than what I was required to pay!”
Dr. Camelia Straughn
“I sat on my book project for over 10 years. When I hired Zarinah to publish my book, I honestly wasn’t sure it would work. I had all these scrambled writings but no cohesive draft. STILL in just six months, I was holding THE SPIRITUAL ADAM: Your Guide to Power and Serenity in my hands. If it hadn’t been for her, my book would probably still be sitting in my computer.”
Imam Abdullah El-Amin
Zarinah is an excellent writing coach but she also knows the business end of publishing backwards and forwards. I would not have been successful at self-publishing this first time around without her guidance and direction. She is a really good listener who has the ability to get behind the words and hear a potential author’s hopes, dreams and fears, and helped me connect with my audience.
Sommieh Stephanie
Alrighty!  When you order your copy of my new book, The Book Power Method here, you'll receive:

1) a physical copy mailed to you.
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"Great information, inspiring motivational. Real solutions for the real world."
Crystal Martin
It's time! 
Let me help you write a book 
that builds your business, 
Your Legacy 
Your Impact!

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